Watch NY Yankees vs Philies Game 3 live online

This Saturday is MLB day for Yankees and Philies fans. At 7:57 pm ET, the game starts at One Citizens Bank Way Stadium in Philadelphia. Pitchers for the game will be Pettitte for Yankees and Hamels for Philies.

Philadelphia Philies didn't make it on game 2 last Thursday, October 29, 09. As observed, Pedro Martinez had not been so active in the game allowing Mark Teixeira and Heideki Matsui do solo homeruns.

NY Yankees believed they made even with the Philies because of the return of A.J. Brunett. According to Yankees' captain Derek Jeter referring to AJ Brunett, "He was outstanding, "Probably the best I've seen him all year." After seeing game 1 AJ Brunett said he listened well to Philies Cliff Lee's interview as top scorer of the game. In his interview Lee mentioned of believing in one's self and having the confidence. Brunett just did what he heard from Lee and made it even with the Philies in his return to game 2.

This is going to be an exciting game as this will break the scores of both teams with scores in series 1-1. The Philies won the starter game of the world series with a 6-1 score and Yankees won the second game of 3-1 score. Will the Yankees be able to lead the series or will the Philies be able to bounce back against Yankees this time? Watch NY Yankees vs Philies Game 3 live online and find out!


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