Watch MLB Philies vs Yankees Game 6 Live Stream Online

MLB Phillies vs Yankees Game 5 was an amazing game, the fans were excited to see if Yankees will totally overthrow the Philies. But Philies had a bit of luck in Game 5 after scoring 8-6 against Yankees. This is gives Philies hope to make it to the top of the MLB World Series.

The Phillies are forcing their way to be able to stay away from elimination. They had to win the game to prolong the season. They were the defendending champion for the past 369 day. Efforts of Chase Utley and Cliff Lee paid off for the team's success in Game 5.

Now, Game 6 is next! Wednesday, Nov. 4, 09 at 7:57, watch MLB Philies vs Yankees Game 6 live stream online. P. Martinez will pitch for the Philies and A. Pettitte for Yankees. Watch the two teams work so hard for the World Series 2009 title. Get the chance to watch Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankees Game 6 live via livestream at the Yankees stadium.


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