Yankees vs Phillies Game 5 Live Stream Online

It's going to be the 5th game of the world series! Again, the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Philies will play at the Citizen's Bank Park, Philadelphia at 7:57pm ET. Game 4 has given enough luck for Yankees. The game ended with a 7-4 score. Game 4's game hero was Johnny Damon who stole complete control of this World Series for racing the baseball to second base in the ninth inning of a tied World Series game. This is gonna be an exciting game to watch this monday, Nov. 2, 09. Watch Yankees vs Philies Game 5 live stream online.

New York Yankees - Now the Yankees are leading the world series with a 3-1 game wins against Philies since last week. This is a good vibes for the Yankees for winning the world series which had been stolen from them last 2008. What Damon did happened so fast that impressed the Yankees fans.

Will the Philies be able to get back to Yankees? They are facing elimination according to experts. This is what Philies manager Charlie Manuel says for the team, “Hopefully I get another chance to get out there and get a win or a save for our team.”. Well you'll be the judge tomorrow as you watch Yankees vs Philies Game 5 World Series live stream online!


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