Antonio Noqueira vs Cain Velasquez Fight Interview

Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira will face contender, Cain "Big Nog" Velasquez this Saturday for a heavyweight title bout. Two toughest mixed martial arts fighters will be fighting for the heavyweight title shot.  Nogueira, the former UFC interim heavyweight champion is no doubt a big threat to the younger heavyweight prospect Cain Velasquez.  As early as last year, there have been a lot of predictions coming out for the Noqueira vs Velasquez heavyweight matchup.  Is Cain really too much for Nogueira or is it the other way around? Check out the Antonio Noqueira vs Cain Velasquez fight interview.

In Cain Velasquez's interview, he said, "I am preparing for an all-out war on February 21 in Sydney. My opponent Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is an incredible boxer, incredible with jiu-jitsu, so I can't really take the fight anywhere and expect it to be easy. I expect a war the whole time. I have been training with a lot more guys who specialise in jiu-jitsu to get ready for Nogueira, but other than that my training regime has been the same as usual - between two and three sessions a day. This could be the best fight of my career." 



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