UFC 110:Wanderlei Silva Beats Michael Bisping in 3rd Round

Wanderlei Silva has proven he's a real "Ax Murderer" when he finishes off Michael Bisping in a speedy third round. Wanderlie mades his 185 lb welterweight debut when he meets Michael Bisping in Sydney, Australia. It was a close fight but in the remaining 10 seconds left on the third round, Silva launched himself forward with winging left and right hands. A left hook and right hook to the head near the fence wobbled Bisping, and another right hook to the side of Bisping's head and neck sent him down on all fours. Silva, who used to fight in 205 pounds is making a great debut in his 185 pound division. Now, who will be Silva's next contender? Akiyama reportedly wants to fight Wanderlie very badly but the matchup couldn't be determined just yet.  Watch the fight preview of Wanderlei Silva vs Michael Bisping matchup below:


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