Adamek vs Arreola Round by Round Fight Results

Tomasz Adamek wins the fight tonight via unanimous decision in the HBO card tonight. It was a long-12 round exchange of punches between Arreola and Adamek.  In the round 1 to round 3 exerts his technical skills and speed to take advantage of Arreola.  On the 4th to 6th round, Arreola has taken over the action and got back to Adamek. While two fighters were both heated up on the succeding rounds, Arreola was badly dealing with an arm injury and had been spitting blood during the fight.  On the 12th round, Adamek was announced the winner.

Meanwhile, Aldo beats Faber in WEC 48 fight results and highlights.  Check out more fights  from All Season Sports.  We will give you the latest fight results and updates so keep posted. 


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