Miami Extends Season's Game with Boston

MIAMI-Miami Heats superhero, Dwayne Wade, extended their team's season into another game with Boston Celtics as he led their team into a good win beating the Celtics with a 9-point lead, 101-92, on their 4th game today.

The rumor heard from the crowd that this might have been the last game for Heats did not hindered and bothered Wade. It inspired him more to keep his team alive. He proved it by bringing his team into a remarkable victory. Wade finished the game by scoring 46 points a total, 30 in the second half. Richardson helped him with 20 points.

On the other hand, Boston was led by Rajon Rondo with 23 points, Kevin Garnett had 18 points, Pierce contributed 16 and Ray Allen 15 points.

Current game standing for the two teams is 3-1 with Boston on the lead. They will be flying back to Miami for the 5th game on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 10 pm ET.
Miami Extends Season's Game with Boston


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